How to show ping in pubg

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How to show ping in pubg – some thing you need to know

PUBG needs more than just your basic abilities. The smoothness of your gaming experience is mostly determined on the speed and stability of your internet connection. Checking your FPS and ping in PUBG is an excellent way to confirm that.

So you’re probably wondering how to show ping in PUBG.

It’s simple to check your ping in PUBG. All you have to do is join a server while playing. Then go to the system menu and select settings, then network debug statistics. Select that choice and then click Apply.

You can repair the lagging in your game by checking your network ping. However, that isn’t the only technique to enhance your game. Checking the frame rate is another option. The frame rate (FPS) determines how rapidly a game plays on your particular hardware.

Want to avoid your gaming experience being ruined by an inconsistent network? Then continue reading. Let’s get going.

In PUBG PC, How To Show Ping

When playing PUBG, you could notice that it lags occasionally for no apparent reason. This is due to the fact that you’re playing in a ping-heavy environment.

In order to identify the situation and rectify the latency, the ping in PUBG must be verified.

How to Display Ping in Pubg

  • You must first open the game in order to check your ping. Then join any server you like.
  • Then, on your keyboard, press the “Esc” button. The system menu appears.
  • Click settings from there. Then, from the top bar, select the “gameplay” option.
  • Scroll down after clicking on gaming and seek for a button labeled “Network Debug Statistics.” Turn on that option to enable it.
  • After that, click apply and exit the system menu.
  • The network ping will be visible on the left side of your screen.

In PUBG, knowing how to display FPS is a useful ability. This is an excellent method to see how well your gaming system is performing.

Fortunately, checking your FPS while playing Battle Royale is fairly straightforward. You won’t even need to install any third-party apps to observe the effects.

How Do I Fix PUBG PC Ping?

To avoid lag in PUBG, you must have a decent ping. Now that you know how to search for your ping, you can see where it stands. It’s critical to have a reasonable ping range for a pleasant gaming experience.

What if your ping is excessively high? In that situation, you can use the procedures listed below. It will assist you in lowering your ping to a manageable level.

Remove Background Effects

A small number of background PC apps rely on the network to function properly. The majority of them require less internet bandwidth. However, some applications can require a significant amount of bandwidth.

Players with a slow internet connection should disable all online browsers. Those who consume a lot of bandwidth.

Use the Ping Booster App

Ping is a common issue among gamers. As a result, software engineers concentrated on developing practice solutions.

Examine your ISP

Your ISP could be the source of your ping issue. You can change internet providers if none of the other solutions are working.

ISPs that use cutting-edge technology can guarantee consistent, lag-free service.

It’s as simple as that. You will be able to dominate your game without experiencing any lag.


  • What is exactly the ping mean?

The table is about the latency in a connection, specifically about delayed packets. The time it takes for data to travel from your computer to the destination network is referred to as latency. This time is measured in milliseconds. The lesser the connection between your computer and the server, the better.

When the delay is excessively long, it causes slowness and, in severe circumstances, makes the game unplayable. The ping requirements vary, and it is even advised that the ping be kept below 200. In reality, always strive for the lowest score possible, with a latency of less than 100ms as indicated.

Given this, various efforts must be taken to improve PUBG ping or any other game’s ping. Ping may also be viewed and downloaded in Fortnite. Similarly, it is strongly advised that you explore PUBG FPS.

  • What is first-person shooter?

FPS stands for frames per second, which translates as frames per second in Spanish. FPS framerate is displayed on our screens as mentioned. This has a direct impact on our sense of flow when playing.

For games like PUBG, having a high SPF is preferable because a higher number signifies more smoothness. Currently, the most optimal frame rate for this type of game is 60FPS or even more. If the number is higher than 60 digits, you’ll need a display with a high refresh rate.

It’s also crucial to think about how to optimize and accelerate PC games to their full potential. This is strongly recommended for all PC gamers, as it will improve the overall experience and FPS significantly.

  • What is the ideal Ping for PUBG PC?

For PUBG PC, a ping of 40ms-60ms or less is deemed acceptable. A ping of more than 100ms causes a substantial latency. Some games will entirely refuse your link if the ping is beyond 170ms.

  • Is 60 frames per second enough for PUBG?

The minimal minimum is 60 frames per second. You might enjoy yourself with 60. However, according to common perception, PUBG would be clunky at fewer than 100 frames per second.

  • Can a VPN help with ping?

No, a VPN will not lower ping. Rather, the time it takes to transfer data to a server, receive a response, and then send it back to you causes an increase in your actual ping.

  • In PUBG, what is the highest ping?

In public servers, PUBG allows for a ping of 9000 or higher.

  • Is having more frames per second good or bad?

More frames per second is beneficial to your game. The higher your frame rate, the smoother your animation (gameplay). Your gaming will be jerky and jittery if your FPS is low.


You now know how to show ping in PUBG.. So you won’t have to worry about your network slowing you down during matches.

We hope you found this article to be informative. We did our best to break down each step for your ease of comprehension.

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